The Coventry person-centered group

What is ‘the Coventry person-centered group’?

The Coventry person-centered group is a monthly group for counsellors and trainees interested in the person-centered approach, that meets in central Coventry on a saturday morning. We are a BAPCA local group;. Group members are counsellors, both trained and training, and students studying or interested in the person-centered counselling method. For more in-depth information, please click the links at the top.

What happens at the Coventry person-centered group?

It’s very much down to people who come. At its core, it is a group of people interested in the person-centered approach who come together to talk. We try and do this in a person-centred way. We meet once a month, on a Saturday morning, and start with drinks and (usually) biscuits. We often have a break mid-way through to allow for stretching of legs and more drinks, and finish at 12.30. We discuss many different topics and how they impact us, from personal power, to structural inequality and the person-centered approach, to discussion around a topic that an individual member is wanting from perspective on. Pretty much nothing seems to be off-limits so far!

What is person-centered counselling?

Person-centered counselling is a specific type of counselling, created in the mid 1900s by a man named Carl Rogers. For more information about Carl Rogers or the person-centered method, please click the link at the top of the page.